Ella Wynner is the name of the game
She knows how to play it, she knows how to tame
She’s a master of seduction, a mistress of delight
She’ll make you feel good, she’ll make you feel right

She’s not just an escort, she’s a work of art
She’ll touch your body, she’ll touch your heart
She’s a lover, a fighter, a dreamer, a doer
She’s Ella Wynner, and there’s no one like her

She lives in Miami, where the sun always shines
She loves the beach, she loves the wines
She’s a part of the city, she’s a part of the vibe
She’s Ella Wynner, and she’s always alive

So if you want to meet her, you better be quick
She’s in high demand, she’s always the pick
She’ll give you a night, you’ll never forget
She’s Ella Wynner, and she’s the best bet

I prefer that you contact me the first time by sending me a nice e-mail presenting yourself: ellawynner@gmail.com

Please allow me a short time to get back to you and also do please check your Spam folder in case you haven’t heard back from me because sometimes messages go there 

and I would hate to miss out                 on meeting you                                         

I look very much forward to meeting you!!!